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Resistive Product Solutions
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Chip Resistors
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Wirewound Resistors
Multilayer Varistors
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Automotive Varistors

Stackpole Electronics is a privately held company, which began manufacturing resistors in 1928 as part of Stackpole Components Company in St. Mary's, Pennsylvania, USA. Affiliated with Akahane Electronics, Stackpole Electronics is now recognized as a leading, global supplier to the world's largest OEMs, Contract Manufacturers and Distributors.

Stackpole Electronics is headquartered in Raleigh, NC with warehousing facilities in El Paso and Japan, and manufacturing facilities in Mexico, Japan, Taiwan, and China. Stackpole Electronics also has sales offices in Tokyo, Singapore, Hong Kong and Taiwan.

In North America, our customers can purchase products through Stackpole Electronics' network of national and regional electronics distributors. Stackpole Electronics also sells directly to a select group of original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and to a growing base of contract electronics manufacturers (CEMs). Field sales activities are managed by our sales team.

Our quality is world class, as evidenced by our certification to ISO-9001.

Product Overview


         Thick Film Chip

         Thick Film Chip Arrays

         Carbon Film

         Metal Film

         Metal Oxide


         Current Sensing

         Thin Film



         Multilayer Varistors

         Single Layer Varistors

         Automotive Varistors

         Specialty/Custom Varistors


We take pride in our ability to support more specialized products. Our focus on resistors and varistors allows us to offer inventory and short lead-time programs on these unique products when other suppliers cannot or are unwilling to do so.

Company Mission

We are proud of the fact that our customers tell us Stackpole Electronics is the best, most service-oriented supplier in the industry. We've earned this reputation by listening to our customers' needs and work very hard at every aspect of our business to address those needs. We believe taking care of the customer (first) is the key to long-term company success and our Mission Statement reflects this belief:

We are committed to
being the leading supplier
of resistive product solutions.

Stackpole Electronics realizes success rarely happens by accident, and for that reason, there are a number of well-designed programs behind every "yes" we say to customers. One example is our extensive inventory of the products we know the market demands, supported by the shortest manufacturing lead-times in the industry. We add to the effectiveness of our inventory by putting the systems and people in place to process and ship "same day" orders with ease. We realize the market demands products "off the shelf" and Stackpole Electronics delivers every day.

Service  Advantages

 Dedicated to helping our clients and making their job easier, Stackpole Electronics has developed one of the most functional Web sites in the industry.   We were not satisfied with a Web site that simply told a marketing story; we wanted one that provided real business tools. As a result, our customers can now:

         Perform stock checks 24 hours a day

         Access purchase order details right down to who signed for the shipment

         Request and track engineering samples

         Access product specifications fast, without having to click through a maze of pages and irrelevant data

         Many additional features – contact us for a password!

Our IT Systems are among the most developed in the industry, with services such as integrated EDI with real time acknowledgement, or our innovative “Bill of Material” cross reference service. Customers who have not yet developed EDI capabilities, simply send us their monthly planning schedules and our customer service staff does all the rest. Let us know your service needs.

For passive components and active service, contact the best supplier in the business.