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Sulfur impervious series now offers all standard sizes from 0402 to 2512...


RALEIGH, NC (June 19, 2007) – Stackpole Electronics, Inc. announces the addition of the 0402, 2010 and 2512 sizes to the RMCG series of sulfur impervious thick film chip resistors. This series offers the same exceptional electrical and environmental performance of the standard commercial RMC chip resistor with additional protection against contamination due to sulfur. The RMCG series has a layer of gold which completely insulates the termination against the detrimental effects of sulfur. In high sulfur environments such as automotive, industrial machinery, or in highly industrialized areas, standard thick film chip resistors have shown some susceptibility to sulfur contamination. Sulfur reacts with the silver present in the terminations of standard thick film chip resistors forming silver sulfide which is non-conductive and causes catastrophic open failures. The RMCG series alleviates this problem completely. Stackpole also offers the RMCS series with increased palladium in the terminations for a less costly, but not completely impervious solution.

The RMCG series is now available in standard EIA sizes from 0402 up to 2512, in resistance values from 10 ohms to 1 Meg ohms, and in resistance tolerances as low as 1%. Power ratings range from .063 watt for the 0402 up to 1 watt for the 2512, with a standard TCR of 200 ppm.

This expansion now allows the RMCG series to cover a more broad range of applications where sulfur is present. Applications such as industrial controls or communications at or near coal-fired electrical power plants can be vulnerable to sulfur corrosion. In fact, any electrical circuit in highly industrialized areas should consider devices with improved sulfur tolerance characteristics. Automotive applications, because of their proximity to various petroleum based lubricants and fuels as well as hoses and gaskets, are ideal uses for the RMCG series.

The RMCG is available in standard tape and reel packaging. Standard reel quantity is 4,000 pcs for the 1210 through 2512 sizes, and 5,000 pcs for the 0603 through 1206 sizes. The 0402 size is 10,000 pcs per reel. Pricing is size, tolerance, and volume dependent but ranges from $15 per thousand to $200 per thousand.

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