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Kory Schroeder
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Stackpole Electronics Inc.

Precision thin film chip resistor series now has extensive resistance range in 0.01% tolerance and 10 ppm TCR or better...


RALEIGH, NC (June 26, 2007) – Stackpole Electronics, Inc. announces a significant expansion to their RNC series of precision nichrome thin film chip resistors. The most significant change is the expansion of the resistance value range for 0.01% tolerance and 5 and 10 ppm TCR’s. This expansion makes the RNC series a practical, low cost solution for nearly all precision and semi-precision resistor requirements.

The strength of nichrome as a thin film resistor element has always been the wide resistance range offered for .1% tolerances and 25 ppm TCR requirements. This has not changed. What has changed is the ability to achieve extreme levels of stability using the relatively inexpensive nichrome thin film technology. For example, in the 0603 size at 0.01% tolerance and 10ppm TCR, the ohmic value range has been extended down to a lower limit of 49.9 ohm and an upper limit of 12Kohm. Similar improvements have been made in all other sizes.

The RNC series is well suited for a range of precision applications including test and metering, test equipment, medical test and monitoring, instrumentation, and critical control circuitry. Additionally, the RNC’s thin film resistive element offers a significant performance advantage over any thick film chip resistor. Thin film resistors have better overall stability with regard to most electrical and environmental stresses, and have much less electrical noise. This makes them a good choice for applications normally using thick film chips but requiring a resistor with lower noise, such as audio applications and network communications and network test circuitry.

The RNC series is RoHS compliant and offers standard tape and reel packaging in 4000 pcs increments for the 1210 and 2512 sizes, 5000 pcs for the 0603 through 1206 sizes, and 10,000 pcs for the 0402 and 0201 sizes. Pricing is size, tolerance, TCR, and volume dependent, but typical MOQ pricing ranges from $0.08 to $0.12 for the most popular 0.1% tolerance, 25ppm option.

For more information about Stackpole products, contact Stackpole Electronics Inc. at 2700 Wycliff Road, Suite 410, Raleigh, N.C. 27607; phone 919-850-9500; fax 919-850-9504; email marketing@seielect.com; or visit the Web site at www.seielect.com.

Stackpole Electronics Inc. is a leading global manufacturer of resistors supplying to the world’s largest OEMs, contract manufacturers and distributors. Headquartered in Raleigh, N.C., the privately held company began manufacturing in 1928 as part of Stackpole Carbon Company in St. Mary’s, Pennsylvania. Now affiliated with Akahane Electronics, Stackpole has manufacturing facilities in Japan, Taiwan, China and Mexico; warehousing facilities in El Paso, Guadalajara, Hong Kong and Japan; and sales offices in Tokyo, Hong Kong and Taiwan.