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Kory Schroeder
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Stackpole Electronics Inc.

Stackpole Announces Release Of The MHL Series Aluminum Clad Wirewounds Rated Up To 1000 Watts

RALEIGH, NC (July 26, 2010) - Stackpole announces the release of its aluminum housed low profile wirewounds, the MHL Series. Available in power ratings from 60 watts up to 1000 watts, this series offers a high power wirewound solution that is typically less than half the height of traditional aluminum housed wirewounds. This product has standard lead wire terminations coming out of one end, and can also be provided with leads coming out of opposite ends or with quick connect tabs. The element is cemented into the aluminum case which provides a flameproof part with outstanding stability that is resistant to moisture and other harsh environmental conditions.

The MHL Series performance will be useful in a variety of applications and end products that require a low profile, high power wirewound resistor. Among the applications would be motor controls for elevators, escalators, and moving walkways, welding equipment, plasma cutters, power supplies, robotics, medical device power and control, drilling equipment, communication systems, and network equipment. Pricing will vary depending on size and tolerance and ranges from $5 each to $70 each in minimum quantities. Contact Stackpole or one of our franchised distributors for volume pricing.

For more information about Stackpole products, contact Stackpole Electronics Inc. at 2700 Wycliff Road, Suite 410, Raleigh, N.C. 27607; phone 919-850-9500; email marketing@seielect.com; or visit the Web site at www.seielect.com.

Stackpole Electronics Inc. is a leading global manufacturer of resistors supplying to the world’s largest OEMs, contract manufacturers and distributors. Headquartered in Raleigh, N.C., the privately held company began manufacturing in 1928 as part of Stackpole Carbon Company in St. Mary’s, Pennsylvania. Now affiliated with Akahane Electronics, Stackpole has manufacturing facilities in Japan, Taiwan, China and Mexico; warehousing facilities in El Paso, Guadalajara, Hong Kong and Japan; and sales offices in Tokyo, Hong Kong and Taiwan.